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Peace Piece is a jewelry brand founded by designer Yue Zhang in New York City in the summer of 2011. Raised in an artistic family, Yue set out to pursue her dream of becoming one of the world’s top jewelry designers. After graduating with a degree in jewelry design from the Jewelry Institute of China University of Geosciences Beijing, Yue continued her studies at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology with legendary jewelry designers Maurice P. Galli and Dominique Riviere.

After six years in New York, Yue has worked with name brands like Donna Karan, Coach, Anthropologie, and many more. Her artwork has been shown at New York’s Palladium Jewelry Competition in 2011, and was featured in “China Gold & Jewelry” Magazine in 2009. 

Peace Piece allows Yue to combine original concepts, exquisite workmanship, and urban lifestyle into incredible jewelry design. New collections are designed in New York and handcrafted to insure each piece is made to the highest quality. All Peace Piece jewelry is custom made by experienced French artisans in a high-end jewelry workshop located in Connecticut. The custom designs are made using high-end techniques in top facilities. With hard work and persistence, Yue has achieved success and a respected reputation in the jewelry industry.

PeacePiece为珠宝设计师张玥2011年夏于美国纽约建立的首饰品牌,玥成长在充满艺术氛围的家庭,从中国地质大学(北京)珠宝设计专业本科毕业后,前往纽约时装学院深造(Fashion Institute of Technology), 师承珠宝界的传奇人物Maurice P. Galli和Dominique Riviere 学习珠宝设计,玥在纽约珠宝公司从事设计工作六年,为Donna Karan, Coach, Anthropologie等美国品牌设计首饰, 作品参加纽约钯金国际设计比赛,中国黄金珠宝杂志等.

Peace Piece叠雅集独创设计,手工精致制作为一体,走在全球时尚首饰的最前沿。每年我们会在纽约设计新款式的首饰,品牌及原创设计,所有设计均在纽约设计工作室完成,每一季首饰都是当时最流行的趋势,首饰在工坊手工制作而成,Peace Piece叠雅高级首饰工坊位于纽约州上部,工坊由枝术精湛的法国师傅等人组成,全手工制作,多年积累的经验,高超的技术能力,叠雅的珠宝就是这样产生出来的。玥通过米乐等导师的教导及自己的勤奋努力,结出了丰硕的成果,受到业内人士的高度评价。

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